Rate Watch and Currency Converter Help

Stay up to date on the foreign exchange market. Whether you're trading for yourself or your business, our innovative and easy to use app will help you save time and money. Featuring over 160 different currency pairs, 5 years of historical rates, and live updating market rates, we make it easy for you to trade like an expert!

Please see below for the definition of "Market Rates" and what that means for you. If you need a quote on our best current exchange rate, please give us a call at 1-844-30-FX2GO.

If you're looking for the currency converter (our simple tool to calculate a currency's value), you can find it right on the bottom of the Market Rates page.

Getting Started

Rate Watch was designed to give you an easy way to follow along with the exchange rates on over 160 different currencies and some precious metals. Simply browse the currencies you want, checking their history as you go, then click on the little Rate Watch clock icon to the right of their name to create a Rate Watch notification.

Alternatively you can visit the Rate Watch creation page directly by clicking on "Rate Watch", then clicking on "Add New". After that simply find the currency you want on the drop down menu, and then continue following instructions.

We make it easy to find exactly what you need!

Once you click the Rate Watch clock, you will be brought to a simple form.

Fill out all of the required information, including:

1. Whether you're buying or selling:

2. The currency you want to be quoted in:

3. The currency you want us to monitor:

4. The rate of the foreign currency that you want to buy at:

Note: Booking rate will vary slightly from the market

5. The amount for the foreign currency that you need:

6. When you need it by:

7. How you want to be notified:

8. Whether you want an email confirmation of your Rate Watch:

9. Then click "Notify Me" and you'll be all set!

Congratulations, you created your Rate Watch!!

Now sit back, relax, and let us handle the rest!

The Posted Exchange Rates

Please be aware that all of the rates you see are a quote of the current Mid-Market Rates, and are not reflective of Continental Currency Exchange's immediate exchange rates. If you would like a quote with our guaranteed great foreign exchange rates, simply give us a call at 1-905-623-6739 and we'll be happy to help. For more information on Mid-Market Rates, and what it means to you, please see the definition under "Our Terms Simplified".

Modifying or Changing Account

In order to make changes to your account, you must enter the account management screen by clicking on "Manage Accounts and Alerts" on the side menu. Once inside you will be able to change your name, phone number, password, and subscription to the Continental Connections newsletter.

Messages and Alerts

Inside of the "Messages and Alerts" section you'll be able to monitor and see all current and past Rate Watch alerts. It will show all of the details, including whether or not your past Rate Watches have been successful.

Our Terms Simplified

Base Currency

The currency you have chosen to be your standard money. When you sign into Rate Watch, the exchange rate will be the foreign currency compared to your Base currency.

Cross Rate/ Cross Currency

Is an exchange rate or comparison that does not have your base currency as one of the two compared currencies. For example, buying Euros with your Pounds, meanwhile your base currency is Canadian.

Exchange Rate

The price of one currency when compared to another currency.

Foreign Currency

The money of a non-domestic country.

Market Rates

Also known as the spot rate, is the current adjusted rate

Mid-Market Rates

The mid-market exchange rate is derived from the mid-point between the "buy" and "sell" rates of currencies, based on global foreign exchange markets.

Our Posted Rates

The rates that you'll see posted inside Rate Watch are neither our "buy" nor "sell" rates, they are based on the Mid-Market Rates.